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DONATION $26 per person

In the tradition of the Grand and Elegant Court of Imperial Russia, the Royal Eagle offers a seven-course Russian Tea luncheon, featuring an exotic selection of luncheon foods, homemade soup,
finger sandwiches,
and other heavy hors d'oeuvres,
as well as a selection of
tea varieties from around the globe.

Guests to the Tea Luncheon will enjoy seven delicious courses.

Here are some examples of what you can expect.

English-Style Cucumber Star Tea Sandwiches
Freshly Shaved Roast Beef 

Fresh Mozzarella topped with Crushed Tomato Canapé
Chicken Salad- Tomato Triangle
Ukrainian Borscht

Paprika-Infused Chicken, Served with House made Raspberry Vinnaigrette tossed
Organic Baby Greens

...and our luscious Dessert Sampler

Gluten free options available