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Royal Tea Time


Tuesdays and Thursdays



certain Thursdays 

5:00pm - 10:00pm


Cooking Class and Dinner

Last Tuesday in a month


  Our guests are welcomed to walk the grounds and enjoy the beautiful gardens, but please remember that we are located on the grounds of a monastery and that,

in order to preserve the unique atmosphere for which our guests have been known to travel hundreds of miles, we ask that standards of dress and behavior be observed.

Modest attire is required 



(except for earrings)

No shorts for ladies or gentlemen.

For the ladies,

 slacks to the ankles are fine,

no capri pants,

no leggings.

Hem lines are to be below the knee,

 no low cut blouses,

no bare shoulders, 

quarter length sleeves acceptable.

Sandals are acceptable.

 No smoking,

no gum chewing

or ringing cell phones;

no vulgar language

and please maintain control of

young children.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

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The Royal Eagle Fine Dining
the entire monastery community


with the suffering people of Ukraine.

War and hatred are not Christian values. 
God save and protect the people of Ukraine.



We have the privilege to serve and represent

all of Eastern European cuisines

in the Detroit Metropolitan area


We have the privilege to serve Eastern European cuisine

in the Detroit Metropolitan area.

The Royal Eagle Fine Dining is a nonprofit, fundraising entity of

 St. Sabbas the Sanctified Orthodox Monastery

All proceeds go directly towards maintenance and beautification of St. Sabbas, but also to help
many in need of help, especially in the Holy Land. 

We want to say  Thank you for your patronage as you help to make all of our good deeds possible.

We wish to extend our gratitude to all of our patrons of the Royal Eagle during this past year and especially during the pandemic. The proceeds form the Christmas dinners were sent to assist the charitable work of the Orthodox church in Palestine, Gaza, and the Holy Land. Thank you for your generous support!St. Sabbas Monastery

The Royal Eagle is a very unique entity. 
You get to experience dining in an elegant setting, 
while enjoying wholesome ingredients prepared
with a very professional attention.
We now offer cooking class and a dinner package, 
as the chef wants to share his experience and knowledge.

We are also working on a cook book which will be focusing on the passage through the History of humanity while looking through the spectacles of a foodie.

If you wish to be notified about the progress 
feel free to sign up below


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tel: 313 - 521-1894

18745 Old Homestead Dr 

Harper Woods, Mi


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