Pasta Ingredients

Welcome to Chef's Workshop

Workshop - easy, informative talk on a subject of 

The Art of 



Cost effective

Preparation of 

Food and the Grains


January 17th

6:30 pm

Master the art of:

usage of proper flour

pasta  making techniques

all-round knowledge 

cracking the code to flour

get your hands "dirty" making Gnocchi 


White apron grey background.jpg

Make the best of the foods available today for the practice when things get REALLY tough ...
Don't panic, just be ready, friends 

A story shared by Chef Petr:

"As much as I love cooking, I love also preserving food supplies naturally...

    The reason for this particular workshop is the fact that we are about to experience massive food shortages, food price hikes and not all things will be fresh in the next coming months.
    My professional expertise and observation lead me to believe that now is the time to take a slight action and prepare properly for a few rocky months with Grace. I feel its very important to preserve the harvest for the winter. I wish to show you how...

to feed many for not a lot, meat pies, pies, pastries, breads, pasta like grandma's

    Without trying to create panic, as a chef I have an obligation to feed others,
I have been in the industry for almost 3 decades.
The sad situation we must face today is so new to me, yet so familiar from my childhood
(growing up in communist Czechoslovakia)
I can help you get properly ready for this bumpy road
and do it with Grace. 

     I came across this very factual article that is all about the numbers and statistics. 
Feel free to read and make your own judgement. 

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