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 Fresh Caviar Selection 


Flown in today for your enjoyment, served fresh blue lump crab, creme fraiche, hard boiled egg yolk and house made potato chips


French Trout Roe              1/3 oz.                   48

Hackleback                        1/3 oz.                   68

Ossetra                              1/3 oz.                   86





Every month, the Patrons of the Royal Eagle are taken for a Culinary Journey


The month of January 2023

is dedicated to the Feast of Ancient egypt






Lemon Honey Thyme Chicken

Free range chicken breast served with carrot leek hash

parsley and celeriac crunch       38



An absolute must try




These will be the weekly specials Chef Petr is composing for your enjoyment  each Thursday, aside from our regular menu

At the end of each month, we offer

Cooking Class and Dinner Experience.

You can learn history, the science of preparation and the step by step preparation of these three dishes as well as the dinner after.







Cheeseboard  selection for this week

Wensleydale Honey and Lemon - Yorkshire cheese, sweet and succulent 

Pinot Noir Goat  

Dutch Gouda Block

Specialty Beverages    5


Coke  Products 

Iced Tea - Strawberry Hibiscus a must try from Jerusalem, ancient recipe, 

brewed in house

Russian Kvass  - imported artisan beverage, naturally fermented rye bread, yeast, hint of berries, herbs and honey                                6

Cucumber Mint Lemonade

Honey Ginger Lemonade


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