St. Sabbas Monastery and the Royal Eagle are offering to extend a helping hand to a very important cause.

To help suffering Christians in Gaza to survive and rebuild.

The Mother  Church needs your help! 

Join us for a very important fundraiser dinner with Chef Petr's specialties.

Join us in preserving History.

Join us for a very special event and you can offer a helping hand by dining with us.

All proceeds from this event will be channeled directly to the church of

St. Porhyrius in Gaza.



  • Original construction of St. Porphyrius Church dates back to 425 A.D.

  • It is part of the Church of Jerusalem, which is the church of the apostles in the New Testament and therefore the Mother Church of Christianity

  • St. Porphyrius was born in 347 A.D.

  • While in Jerusalem, he had a vision of Christ and was healed from an illness

  • He was appointed bishop of Gaza, which was mostly pagan at the time

  • Continuing the tradition of the apostles, he spread the Gospel and baptized many people into Christianity

Recent years ...

  • Since 2007, there has been a blockade on Gaza, restricting movement of people, diesel and gasoline, and funding

  • Massive air raids have been pelting Gaza for many years during the Israel-Palestine conflict, and many homes and churches have been caught in the crossfire

  • Hundreds of people, including women and children, have sought protection in St. Porphyrius Church during these bombings


What can be done?

We can start with awareness... In a world which is filled  with 

news concerning many issues, conflicts and tragedies, it is very easy to overlook what is very important: our roots, as Christians,

regardless of what denomination, we share one Mother Church,

the Church of Jerusalem.


Despite the tense political situation, past travel restrictions for its pilgrims and many other set backs. The Church of Jerusalem is still doing her work guarding the Tomb of Christ, maintaining and taking care of all the historical Christian sights in Holy Land, as well as preserving the Truth for future generations. It is our duty to help her.

The Church of St. Prophyrius needs our charity to preserve the building structure from collapsing so they can remain a safe haven for the Christians in Gaza. Be a part of this exciting process of preserving what is important and fundamental. 

Fundraiser Helping Hands

St. Sabbas Orthodox monastery is opening its doors to the guests of this fundraiser and would like to assure a very special evening with a very fundamental cause.

Guests  will be able to attend all of the following:

- an Hors d'oeuvre service in the Cloister garden for a very first time of St. Sabbas Monastery's history, along with a live Classical music performance   6:00 pm

- Dinner at the Royal Eagle 7:00 pm

- Visit to monastery chambers containing some very special historical treasures

- Tour of the church 

Thank you for helping us offer a helping hand!





Hors d'oeuvres in the garden:

Prosciutto with sugar melon, balsamic glaze, fresh basil from our herb garden


Champagne poached prawns, horseradish tomato foam, lemon zest


Chicken pate with Cognac and pistachios, bread crostini

Beef goulash tips in phyllo tarts, fresh marjoram from our herb garden

Marinated Portobello mushrooms

a few others to create a surprise...

Dinner Service

at the Royal Eagle


Chilled Vichysoise, rye disk crouton



Organic micro greens, tomato compote, cucumber batons, roasted golden beets, feta, pomegranate seeds, pita crisps,  lemon honey vinaigrette


Homemade prickely pear sorbet to cleanse your palatte for the main course


served with Ratatouille roast 

Za'atar biblical spice rubbed full rack of New Zealand lamb, black garlic tzatziki , pistachio - potato croquette, 


Thyme and Dijon inspired Chauteaubriand, amarone jus, Vidalia crisps, Lavender roasted potatoes, 

Duck Confit, roasted eggplant salad with

pomegranates, alfalfa  sprouts,  buttermilk vinaigrette, medieval yellow saffron sauce


Blood Orange Barramundi Bass, chive butter sauce, house grown sweet pea sprouts, chili honey comb, ancient rice


Raspberry Lemon Jaffa Cheesecake


Chocolate Genache, strawberry foam bonbon, elderflower cream


Summer berry almond Shortbread, champagne jelly flower

$ 222 per person

BUT WAIT, there is more that can be done ....

Chef Petr and the Royal Eagle team are preparing handcrafted gems you may gift your loved ones with, or yourself, BUT most importantly you will gift a gift 



Sweet Flower

Delicate, light and very pleasing to a refined palette: Linzer Tart topped  with White Chocolate ganache, Honey Comb Lemon Surprise.                     100





The Royal Cheese Pie "Bullion"

Absolutely understood why this was a special treat of medieval British Royalty. Beautiful symphony of caramelized Georgia

Vidalia onions and handcrafted

cheddar cheese savory notes 


The Golden Gate "Bullion"

   So, how should we present this treasure... 

Chef Petr is sharing one of his top most personal favorites with you here....

   Elegant, fluffy,  yet so naturally balanced

piece of art passed down to us by generations of sweet grandmas ... 

    The Ultimate Greek Phyllo Gem:

Orange - house made  greek yogurt custard layered with homemade phyllo sheets. 

    The perfect symphony of flavors, texture and sweetness 


Private Dinner with the Chef

YOU design the menu, Chef Petr will execute

to perfection a delicious dinner for 5 guests, ingredients included, Tuesday dinner
















Private Cooking Class ,

Tailored Exactly to  your Beautiful  Curiosity

in the Fine Art of Proper  and Refined Cuisine

YOU and up to 7 of your dear friends will, 

HOPEFULLY, pass the test and receive a diploma, while enjoying yourself learning how to cook.

Compose a wholesome masterpiece of Culinary Arts and learn how to do it with Grace!

It will be my true honor cooking with you and having fun giving away my secrets. 


purchase of these items is possible below along with RSVP

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Amber Whiskey Closeup
Fundraiser "Helping Hands"
Aug 30, 6:00 PM – 11:30 PM EDT
Harper Woods,
18745 Old Homestead Dr, Harper Woods, MI 48225, USA

Want to help and can't make it?

you may offer your help below ...